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Live Events - Dailes Theatre Company, Riga, Latvia - 2022

Dailes Theatre Company, Riga, Latvia - 2022

Dailes Theatre will be using a horse puppet as a visual representation of the madness of the king in Claire van Kampen’s Farinelli and the King.
Company movement director James Thomson travelled to Riga to conduct a weeks intensive workshop with the puppeteers alongside the theatre’s choreographer and deputy choreo, Jana Jacuka and Marija Saveiko.

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The workshop involved a revision in the fundamentals of puppetry, working with breath, objects and simple paper puppets before moving on to tackling what is one of the more challenging creature puppets we make.

It was a pleasure to work with the three performers, Matiss Millers, Mārtińš Gailis and Karlis Arnolds Avots who are well trained puppeteers and familiar with the dedication and precision needed to make a puppet come to life.

It was fascinating to spend one day at a stables close to the theatre where we were able to observe the horses and later attempt to recreate their movements and quirks with the puppet. Rehearsals for the show begin in March and we look forward to seeing what the creative team at Dailes do with our puppet and initial training.

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